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$250 for a 10 lesson package (each 50 min. lesson costs $25)
$450 for a 10 lesson package (each 110 min. lesson costs $45)

One or more lessons per week can be scheduled.

A trial lesson is available for $25.

The Institute's working hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM, Mon.-Fri. Classes at other schedules might also be arranged.

Once the student and the Institute agree on a schedule, it has to be followed. No refunds or credit will be given for missed or same day cancelled lessons by the student. 
1. Participants submit an application form indicating tentative dates, schedule, etc.
2. The Institute confirms the enrollment.
3. Participants send payment.

Payment can be made:

a. With PayPal. By far, the easiest, fastest way to pay. Make payments to Please go to  and click on Send Money.   Also, all major cards accepted through PayPal.

b.  By sending a personal or corporate check or international money order (not a postal money order) to our PO Box in Miami. All checks must be in U.S. dollars, drawn on a bank in the U.S. and made out to Forester Instituto Internacional. Checks from banks in other countries, even if they are in U.S. dollars, cannot be accepted. Sorry!   Please note that mail takes a couple of weeks to arrive to Costa Rica, and a similar amount of time for a foreign check to clear.

c.  By bank transfer (expensive). Please contact us for account information.